Cadence Aerospace Announces the Consolidation of Astro Spar and Arden Operational Centers

Cadence Aerospace recently announced the consolidation of their Astro Spar and Arden Operational centers into a unified manufacturing complex, located in Anaheim, CA. The consolidated Astro Spar Arden Operations will be led by Darren Levack, serving as President. Mr. Levack has more than 17 years of multi-national manufacturing, engineering and operational experience in the aerospace and automotive industries, and is Lean and 6-Sigma Certified.

The Astro Spar Arden consolidation brings with it the addition of a new manufacturing facility and the installation of 8 new machine cells to the Astro Spar Arden Center of Excellence. This expansion will allow Cadence to meet the requirements of a recent contract with UTC Aerospace Systems to deliver high quality, reliable and competitively priced structural components and assemblies for their Airbus A320 NEO aircraft program. The Astro Spar Arden expansion represents a substantial investment in expanding Cadence Aerospace’s product and service offerings as well as our commitment to the Airbus 320 NEO aircraft program.

The Astro Spar Arden consolidation took place in December 2015 and includes 50 machining centers in over 225,000 sq ft. of manufacturing space, with 11 state-of-the-art high-speed Handtmann machines, allowing the machining of deep-pocket, thin-wall structural components in titanium and aluminum. Parts manufactured at Astro Spar Arden Operations include flaperons, flap tracks, hinge and latch beams, fuel floor assemblies, aluminum monolithic structures, aluminum floor beams, stringers, chords, webs and seat tracks, among others.

Cadence Aerospace is an aerospace and defense group headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, committed to active engagement, aligned manufacturing and sourcing strategies, and the provision of industry-leading capabilities. Cadence supplies components, subassemblies and assemblies to the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft, aerostructures, aeroequipment and other defense platforms. Operational “Centers of Excellence” perform complex machining of hard metals and aluminum, sheet metal fabrication, assembly and test, repair and overhaul, as well as lower tier supply chain management.